Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Striker – 2008 Match Day 12

Northwest Suburban Soccer League
1st Division

Sting SC @ Highlanders FC
Unofficial Match Report
Sunday, July 13, 2008
9:45 AM
Elgin, Illinois

Starting Lineup:
F Matt Greenhalgh
F Brandon Caputo
M Eric Manos
M Rudy Schaser
M Dan Carver
M Kenny McCormick
D Keith O’Connell
D Mike Soroosh
D Ben Bartholomay
D Brian Black
GK Brian Stock

M Kevin McCormick ©
M Mike Burg
M Corey Mase
D/M Phil McMaster

Thanks to an untimely bye week and a cancelled game over the holiday weekend, we had exactly 20 off days in between matches. That’s less than a third of the 63-day layoff Ohio State had before the Florida Gators pounded the Buckeyes in the BCS National Championship Game a couple of years ago. Let’s just say that I am beginning to understand what they went through.

We came out sluggish from the start and quickly fell down 2-0 to the first place team before a poor clearance led to a blast from Rudy Schaser that beat the goalkeeper from about 30 yards out. That would be one of few bright spots on the afternoon for Sting SC as the game quickly spiraled out of control and the score was 5-1 by halftime.

In the second half we would stand tall and get more than our share of opportunities, but nobody could find the back of the net and Highlanders FC added on a late goal for a 6-1 final. Coupled with the loss was the fact that the third place Chicago Tanks pulled out a tie and that left us in a virtual tie for second place. However, with goal differential the Tanks one less game played, they moved ahead in the standings, taking over the second promotion spot as well.

Man of the Match: Mike Soroosh

Match Day 12 Goals:
Rudy Schaser (unassisted)

Record: 4-3-2
14 pts. – Tied for 2nd Place
GF: 34
GA: 25

2008 Season Totals
11 – Matt Greenhalgh
6 – Danny Carver
4 – Brandon Caputo
3 – Jamelle McCreary
2 – John O'Connell
1 – Ben Bartholomay
1 – Mike Burg
1 – Jimmy Rosenfeld
1 – Kevin Stock
1 – Phil McMaster
1 – Brian Black
1 – Kenny McCormick
1 – Rudy Schaser

4 – Dan Carver
4 – Rudy Schaser
3 – Brandon Caputo
2 – Phil McMaster
2 – Kevin McCormick
1 – Mike Burg
1 – Jimmy Rosenfeld
1 – Corey Mase
1 – Ben Bartholomay
1 – Matt Greenhalgh
1 – John O’Connell
1 – Eric Manos


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Sorry I missed this game. Soccer ball cookies for the team next week!


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